Our Services

Skilled and Qualified

In general, we prepare ready-made workers in accordance with work on board and qualified in their work.

Physical Healthy Crews

Prior to boarding the vessel, medical testing by medical personnel recognized by the Indonesian Goverment should first be conducted.

Providing Opportunities

We provide opportunities for workers who want to continue their education after the contract period on board is completed.

Right Talent in the Right Ship

Through talent testing, we place our workforce on board according to the talent, and skills of each crew.

Good Communication

Before boarding the ship, then through a language training program organized by us to be able to speak a good language on board, and we adjust the language used by the type of company from aboard.


Our workforce, dedicated, loyal, and responsible to the company, and have a high sense of coorporation.

We grow and manage outstanding crew by offering equal opportunities and fair treatment

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